Beth Schuver

Office Manager

Beth attended college in Jamestown, New York, where she received her degree in Computer Science and Business.  She has been with Culbreth Carr Watson since 2005.  In her free time she enjoys gardening and being outdoors with her animals.  She learned to love animals and the outdoors from her dad – even in his 70’s he loved walking in the woods with his Golden Retriever.

She has four dogs: Jazzie, a Blue Heeler mix she found on the side of the road; Cinder, a Shepherd mix who was found in a snow storm; Hannah, a sweet, old Golden Retriever; and Harley, a yellow Labrador who was rescued.  Beth likes to save peanut butter jars, and even has some clients who bring their empty jars to her, just to spoil her dogs with peanut butter jar licking parties! Her favorite part about working at an animal clinic is the interaction with the owners and pets.

Culbreth Carr Watson Animal Clinic
1223 East 2nd Avenue SE
Rome, Georgia, 30161