Martin Rysavy, DVM


Dr. Rysavy joined the Culbreth Carr Watson team in April of 2017.  He studied at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno in the Czech Republic, as well as, the ECFVG program in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Martin (or Dr. Marty as we like to call him) loves interacting with his clients and patients, and being able to hear their individual stories.  His favorite part about being a vet is constantly learning new things and being able to apply them.

He and his wife Christy had a baby girl named Alice in July of 2017.  While they currently don’t have any fur babies, Dr. Marty is an older brother to his mother’s Shiba Inu named Bara. In his free time he enjoys traveling and mountain biking. On one of his adventures to the Philippines he asked a local merchant if he could rent two little piglets to walk down the beach (which turned into quite the photoshoot!).  We’re so happy to welcome him to the team!

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