Stephanie Dollar

Veterinary Assistant

Stephanie has been with Culbreth Carr Watson Animal Clinic since 2012 and works as a Veterinary Assistant to Dr. Shelby Moore and Dr. Dave Caldwell.  She graduated from Model High School and is married to Dustin.  Her favorite part about working at an animal clinic is having a job where she can share her love for animals with her coworkers and clients, as well as being able to help people be the very best pet parents they can be!

She loves going to the drive-in movie theater, taking pictures of her silly pets and documenting all of their goofiness, and taking her dog Twink to car shows with her husband.  Stephanie has a very large collection of bandanas for her dogs (one for every occasion). She and Dustin have four dogs: Twinkle, a hound mix adopted from the local animal control; Daizy, a Pitbull/Boxer mix found on the side of the road; Buzz, a Pitbull/Terrier mix found as a stray; and Zoey, a Beagle mix who is like their own person alarm system.

Culbreth Carr Watson Animal Clinic
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