Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy, formally known as Photobiomodulation, is a painless way to help your pet feel less pain, reduce swelling, and heal more quickly.

Laser Therapy is used by collegiate and professional athletes. Additionally, you or someone you know may have had a laser therapy treatment at your chiropractor’s or physical therapist’s office.

During your pet’s treatment, everyone, including your pet, must be wearing protective eyewear. You can see the laser emitting a red light.

Your pet may feel a nice warming sensation on their fur and skin. Generally, pets become more relaxed as the treatment continues because the laser doesn’t cause any pain. The important effect is what is happening within the cells.

The photons from the laser are absorbed by the cells within the target tissue. The energy in the photons is absorbed by chromophores within the cells. This absorbed energy is then delivered to the metabolic process. This starts a chain of reactions to increase the speed of healing, as well as reduce pain and swelling.

What can be treated with Laser Therapy?

• Abscesses, Post-Surgical
• Cystotomy, Post-Surgical
• Declaws, Post-Surgical
• Deep Wound, Post-Surgical
• Dental Cleanings, Post-Procedure
• Edema, Post-Surgical
• Fractures, Post-Surgical
• Hematomas, Post-Surgical
• Neuters, Post-Surgical
• Oral Surgery, Post-Surgical
• Orthopedic Surgery, Post-Surgical
• Pain, Post-Surgical
• Skin Grafts, Post-Surgical
• Spays, Post-Surgical


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